Learn2Create: Explore the results of Erasmus+ project on WBL for CCIs!

Learn2Create: Explore the results of Erasmus+ project on WBL for CCIs!

November is the final month of developing ‘Learn2Create – promoting Work-based Learning in Europe’s Cultural and Creative Industries’ project. This international partnership aimed to design, test and validate a new work-based learning (WBL) programme in Europe’s Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs).

Three inspirational results has been published on the project website recently: an open learning environment that provides Vocational Education and Training (VET) teachers with access to the training course and two guidebooks – the first one for VET trainers and the second one for CCIs employers.

An online learning environment is a platform where VET teachers can have the opportunity to learn more about WBL issues such as how to promote and actively use it. Exploring the platform they are supported by  the Facilitators Guide for organisations and trainers. Employer Guide helps employers understand how to structure WBL opportunities in their workplace and how to recruit and support learners going through their WBL journey in CCIs.

More about Facilitator guide in article on our blog https://www.learn2create.eu/l2c-io4-facilitators-guide/

and about Employer Guide: https://www.learn2create.eu/work-based-learning-employers-cultural-creative-industries-guide/

Both guides (and more) are available to download in results section.

Visit project website: https://www.learn2create.eu/


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