Learning Enterprise in HVET: the case of Stenden Hotel

In cooperation with the EfVET Thematic Team on School-Enterprise, on May 16th, Cometa UNEVOC Centre hosted Thulani Xhali, CEO at Stenden Hotel.

COMETA Formazione (Italy)

Stenden Hotel is one of the best practices in Europe in terms of School-Enterprise approach: it is a company including not only a hotel but also a restaurant, cafeteria, catering service and providing event management and facilities. Students of the NHL Stenden University, enrolled at EQF5-7, play a role in different activities, from operational to strategical, according to their academic level.

For every academic year, competences have been outlined and matched with the specific activities carried out in the several departments of the learning company. The main pillars of the pedagogical and organizational model, the pros and cons and the main challenges have been discussed during the seminar.

The presentation given by Thulani Xhali has been streamed in cooperation with IATH Academy and EfVET. The video is available here.

For more information on the Cometa-UNEVOC Centre seminars program and on the EfVET Thematic Team School-Enterprise, feel free to email paolo.nardi@puntocometa.org).

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