Leaving nobody behind: need of development of digital competence in VET 

Leaving nobody behind in times of digitalisation needs the development of digital competence in VET 

Teachers and lecturers need to measure our own competence in distinct areas such as professional engagement, learning and teaching, and education in the digital world.  

VET-TEDD’s self-assessment tool allows us to do so and there are two further components, comprising six learning programmes and a series of case studies which give a flavour of the kind of work already being done across Europe. 

The self-assessment tool provides participants with tailored reporting, highlighting areas of strength and areas for further development. Start your self-assessments here!

Increase the use of staff self-assessment as a way of identifying gaps and developing the new skills necessary to use digital tools both inside and out of the classroom. Your organisation will get a general overview of the digital  

Inspire students and create engaging educational content using Technology Enhanced Learning and digital pedagogy. 

VET-TEDD is different as it will offer a one stop shop to offer diagnostics, skills development, and best practice all in one solution. 

The VET-TEDD Self – Assessment tool provides a deeper analysis and assessment of the competencies required of teachers to embrace and use technology. Digital competencies are of course important, but assessing digital competencies alongside personal competencies, as demanded by changes due to industry 4.0 and professional competencies in line with the standards demanded of VET teachers will ensure a more comprehensive assessment is undertaken. 

This tool will not only diagnose strengths and weaknesses in skills. It will also offer formal learning to enhance skills and showcase best practice in the application of the technologies available to teachers to enhance learning content. Furthermore, it will increase the opportunity for teachers to acknowledge and appreciate how these technologies can be applied across a wide range of vocational subjects.

VET Teachers  

For those who strive for excellence and to inspire students, VET-TEDD is an online platform that provides access to; a self-assessment diagnostic tool to identify strengths and weaknesses in skills and competence, learning programmes to increase skills and competence and best practice case studies. 

VET-TEDD provides more than just a diagnostic tool, it offers free to use and accessible resources to support the development of engaging educational content to transform educational experiences, using Technology Enhanced Learning and digital pedagogy. 

VET Managers  

For those managers who strive to lead highly skilled and competent teams, VET-TEDD is an online platform that provides access to diagnostic data that will help shape talent management and staff development. VET-TEDD will support innovative practices in an ever-changing skills landscape where students are changing, as are their demands for an authentic situated learning environment and engaging educational content that allows them to learn. 

VET-TEDD is an Erasmus Plus funded project providing free to use and accessible resources that support the development of digital competences in Vocational Education Teachers. 

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