Live, Feel and Celebrate Erasmus+ at the Erasmus Days

Live, Feel and Celebrate Erasmus+ at the Erasmus Days

In Esprominho  the Erasmus+ in the Erasmus Days was celebrated on 14 October with a live stream on social media, through the combination of Erasmus and beauty training. With this joint the school honoured the culture of the 27 countries of the European Union, representing them through make-up, hairstyles and some accessories. To end the month, dedicated to the Programme, the School hosted the first mobility of the CIAK Project, about cinema, in the week of 24 to 31 October. This mobility counted with 19 students and 3 teachers from two Italian schools, partners in the project, and more 5 trainees and 3 Portuguese teachers.

The month of October was dedicated to the Erasmus+ Programme in Esprominho, a Portuguese Vocational School that has always valued the contribution that Erasmus provides to its students, trainers and staff. To live, feel and celebrate other cultures, whether in our own country or abroad, has always been a way of improving the Esprominho community, either personally or professionally. In this way, on the 14th of October, at 3 pm, the School celebrated Erasmus day, making a live broadcast in its social networks to the rest of Europe, doing what it does best: teaching in the area of beauty. During the live event, the Esprominho teachers and trainees prepared make-up, hairstyles and costumes for 27 trainees, representing the 27 countries of the European Union. It was possible, in this way, to promote training in the area of beauty, as well as to celebrate the culture of each of the member countries of the European Union. The live stream was posted on Esprominho in Europe’s facebook and Instagram, where the event can still be viewed.

This honour to the Erasmus Programme, by Esprominho, continuous in the month of October, as it received, in its school, the first mobility of the CIAK Project – Cinema Didactic for the Development of Teacher and Students Skills (no.2019-1-IT02-KA229-063232_3). It was a short-term exchange of a group of students, which brought together 12 students, an English teacher and the Headmaster of Mameli-Magnini School – Liceo Artistico Alpinolo Magnini (Italy), 7 students and an English teacher from Salvatorelli-Moneta School (Italy) and 5 students and 3 teachers from Esprominho (Portugal). The week took place from 23 to 31 October, in the city of Braga, where Esprominho is located, which planned and hosted this mobility, whose theme was “Using the cinema to learn how to love math and science”. Throughout the week, several films were shown and discussed among the students, developing critical thinking and alerting them to current environmental problems. Following this theme, they wrote a script and filmed some videos with their mobile phones, creating awareness videos for the future generation. This mobility was filled with cultural moments with visits to exhibitions related to audiovisual, multimedia and cinema, as well as to several touristic and historical points of the city of Braga and Porto, in Portugal.  The CIAK Project aims to promote the active participation of teachers in experimenting with teaching through the use of cinema and audiovisuals, since film narration has great formative value for the young generation and stimulates imagination and knowledge of other worlds, developing divergent thinking.

At Esprominho every day is Erasmus day. The school lives, feels and celebrates the programme which allows the critical development, the cultural exchanges, the learning of new languages, the experience of unique experiences and the personal and professional growth of each person who does Erasmus.


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