Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship International Launch

The Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship International Launch & Multiplier Event took place in Brussels on 12th June 2018.

Padraic Murphy-Programmes Manager with Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council in Northern Ireland opened the event with a brief introduction of the MASTER project and the real impact of MASTER. Padraic presented the Student Entrepreneurship Toolkit and Position Papers which were key intellectual outputs in the project

Paul Clabby from Roscommon LEADER Partnership discussed the whole concept of Regional Alliance Development.  He contributed that 5 Regional Alliance’s had been developed who in turn hosted over 5meetings in their member states: West Ireland (RLP), Friesland (Inqubator), Basques country (CEBANC), Frederiksberg (TEC) and Northern Ireland (LCCC).

Key Achievements through Regional Alliances, examples

  • Ireland– RLP Pilot tested 2 best practices with a nearby College. These initiatives were tested with 74 students who really enjoyed the experiences and enhanced their entrepreneurial skills.
  • UK, Lisburn- They Successfully Pilot Tested 5 best practice initiatives and raised awareness of the Student Entrepreneurship Toolkit that will cultivate entrepreneurship competences in this region.
  • Denmark –Their overarching aim was to enhancing students’ innovative and entrepreneurial competences. They have focussed on two areas: Transport & Logistic and Regional –Data which are two key economic drivers in their region
  • Spain – They enclosed their didactical and curricular tasks into the real world. The educational goal is with agents who are in the entrepreneurship area. In this way, students could be familiar with agents and in turn may guide them in future.

Charlotte Lundius and Jette Nossell (TEC College) introduced a toolkit for VET teachers to enhance teaching innovation and entrepreneurship in VET. They underlined that a good toolkit can help us to improve the confidence levels of our students.

The final presentation was from Fernando Sigchos Jimenez (EBC) who presented the EBC recommendation on “Integrating Entrepreneurship education in VET curricula”, targeting women in apprenticeship schemes for construction and promote new skills/methods.


  • Padraic Murphy, Introduction of the MASTER project, Download
  • Paul Clabby, Regional Alliance Development, Download
  • Spanish Regional Alliance, Download
  • Charlotte Lundius and Jette Nossell ,How can a toolkit for VET teachers enhance teaching innovation and entrepreneurship in vocational education and training? Download
  • Fernando Sigchos Jimenez, Entrepreneurship & upskilling opportunities in the construction sector, Download


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