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“Marketing for Artists” is a KA2 VET project that aims to analyse the art school curricula in order to integrate some marketing teaching-units into the art subjects with the final aim to allow art students to acquire the needed marketing skills.

Marketing 4 Artists is addressed to work on issues that undermine the attractiveness of VET and improve the quality assurance in vocational education and training by adapting its educational curricula to reduce the mismatch between formal education and labour market needs. A detailed analysis made by the partners in their own countries has revealed that only in Spain and Latvia art students acquire some entrepreneurial concepts, but they are general and linked to business administration, and not supporting their need of marketing skills in the artistic sector. In Italy, Finland, Slovenia, and Belgium art students don’t have any lessons that can teach them basic marketing skills. This approach doesn’t support recently graduated students in Art in becoming successful entrepreneurs or appealing attractive employees. Even if artists have talent related to their art-skills, this is not supported by an effective self-promotion crucial to draw the attention of clients and talent scouts. This lack is also present in the HEI study-cycles. It’s not possible to find art- marketing programs in VET and HEI curricula, if not for some initiative set and taken as an individual educational body. The research carried out within the Knowledge Alliance project “Arts & Humanities Entrepreneurship Hubs”, conducted by our partner MateraHub, underlines the lack of attention to Entrepreneurship Education in the arts and humanities sector; the consequence is that these students often consider entrepreneurship as something divergent from their creativity, and are subsequently less likely to consider setting up their own business or view employment as a means to support art practices via a portfolio career, a working style where they can combine multiple streams of income and mix different kind of employments.

Marketing 4 Artists is a concrete and extremely feasible proposal to adapt the vocational education in the art field to the labour market needs. This will improve the quality assurance in the art sector of vocational education with the consequence to increase the attractiveness of the art curricula in the VET field.

The target group of the project is the art teachers, who, first of all will acquire by themselves the needed marketing abilities. The marketing didactic content will be into 4 didactic units, which will allow more than one teacher to adopt “Marketing for Artists” approach, and another objective is do not to charge the whole teaching-job just on one subject, but it is preferably that each art teacher can dedicate some hours, sharing the responsibility.

Call: KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training

Project no.: 2021-1-SI01-KA220-VET-000035905


  • Solski center Srecka Kosovela Sezana (Slovenia)


  • Invalidisäätiö (Finland)
  • MateraHub Industrie Culturali e Creative (Italy)
  • Liceul de Arte Vizuale Romulus Ladea (Romania)
  • In Progress (Spain)
  • EfVET (Belgium)


Start: 09/01/2022 – End: 08/01/2024


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