Masterclass: “Korean Gastronomy: An Answer to a Market Request”

On the 17th of  January , we had an amazing time at the “Korean Gastronomy: An Answer to a Market Request” Masterclass with Sergio Fernandes from Insignare (Fátima’s Hospitality School).
Sergio walked us through Korea’s rich history, explaining why Portugal has become a favored destination for Koreans and sharing insights into the profiles of tourists exploring our city and country. We discovered the delicious world of Korean cuisine, from kimchi and bibimbap to tteokbokki, samgyetang, and bingsu.
The session also immersed us in Korean rituals and etiquette, teaching us about Korean timetables and the importance of phrases like “Jalmukkesseubnida” (I’ll eat well/I’ll enjoy the meal).
In the end, Sergio discussed how they met the market demand in the country and seamlessly integrated Korean cuisine into their school’s curriculum.
It was an incredibly interesting and enjoyable experience! Big thanks to Sergio and Elisabette for this fantastic journey.

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