As organisations involved in the Erasmus Plus programme, we have been funded by the EU to encourage young people to participate in the Erasmus+ experience, particularly trainees from the LGBTQIA+ community, without facing discrimination. MPI Ireland is coordinator of the project in collaboration with AIP Language Insitute (Valencia, Spain) and Innlandet fylkeskommune (Norway). The project started in March 2024 and will finish by June 2025. The adventure has begun and we are delighted to share it with you via this newsletter.

MOB4ALL was born from situations encountered during mobility projects, the experience has been that companies and accommodation providers have been reluctant or simply unprepared to welcome trainees from the LGBTQIA + community for a period of work-based learning. In addition, trainees from the LGBTQIA+ community have also been reluctant to take part in the Erasmus+ experience due to lack of preparation and fear that they will not be fully accepted by their host accommodation or host company. INCLUSION IN ERASMUS + PROGRAMME The MOB4ALL project brings together partners from Ireland, Spain, Norway. Three countries who strongly believe that the Erasmus + programme is an experience which opens minds, increases employment opportunities, and strengthens links between European citizens. Our first objective is to lift the veil on current obstacles to welcoming trainees from the LGBTQIA+ community for a period of work-based learning by setting up a research-based questionnaire and focus group discussion. Our second objective is to promote improvement and good practice for trainees from the LGTBQIA + community, educational tutors, accommodation providers and intermediary organisations in the scope of the Erasmus+ experience by drawing up an action plan. One of the aims of Erasmus+ is to improve the quality and promote benefits of transnational work-based learning (TWBL) across Europe and encourage a greater number of people to take part. The project is aiming to meet these expectations and find ways to include the LGBTQIA+ group without facing discrimination in the mobility experience. MOB4ALL in a nutshell.


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