New month, new adventures and new experiences!

Esprominho participated in four Erasmus+ Projects Mobilities this month

In this school year, Esprominho – Portuguese Vocational School – has already taken students to 10 different countries to participate in mobilities of the Erasmus+ Programme. Each month that goes by means new adventures and experiences that Esprominho provides, to their students and teachers, throughout Europe.

Esprominho is a Portuguese Vocational School that has actively provided, to their students and teachers, unforgettable experiences throughout Europe, through the Erasmus+ Programme. Since it started the school year 2021/22, the School has already taken several students and teachers to 10 different countries, namely Spain, Denmark, Poland, Belgium, Lithuania, Turkey, Hungary, Serbia, Italy and Greece. Motivated by the power that these trips cause to its participants, Esprominho works every day to ensure new projects so that all its students can have access to such an opportunity.

March was no exception. It was marked by being the 7th consecutive month in which the School participates in International Projects. It started the month with a mobility taking place in Serbia, in Kragujevac, with the project CCE – Common Culture for Europe (No.2019-1-LV01-KA229-060360_3), dedicated to culture and in which five students and two teachers participated. The School not only takes students out of the country, but also hosts mobilities. So, from 7 to 13 March, Vocational School of Minho hosted its Gamification Project partners (no 2019-1-BE02-KA229-060216_2) to carry out the 5th mobility. Students and Teachers from Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic and Spain joined the Portuguese team for a week full of fun, knowledge and adventures. They got to know some sights of the city of Braga, such as Bom Jesus, Sameiro, Sé Cathedral and the city centre, but they also visited the University of Minho and IPCA, in Barcelos, promoting multilingualism.

The group visited the city where Portugal was born – Guimarães and the invicta city – porto. In the Esprominho facilities they were able to share knowledge through games created by Portuguese students, allusive to the project. There’s no two without three and, dedicated to the students, a mobility project took place in Athens, Greece, with The Power of Wisdom Project (no. 2019-1-LT01-KA229-060728_3). It was three students and two teachers to Greek grounds to highlight the power of wisdom, through cultural exchange with their project partners, – Italy, Lithuania, Latvia and Greece – of teaching and learning new digital tools that enable greater facility in teaching, of visits to monuments and sights of the city of Athens, which carry the history of the country. It ends the month with the closure of the Inlesson Project (2019 – LT01-KA2020-060758), dedicated to innovation in teaching and learning practice in the field of beauty professions. It was a project that provided some trainers in the area of Hairdressing and Beautician, from Esprominho, with new knowledge about digital tools to be used in B-Learning teaching.

The School is proud of all the experiences it has provided for students and teachers, but it doesn’t stop. A new month will come, new adventures will come and new experiences are waiting to be lived! Esprominho will continue to participate in projects of the Erasmus+ Programme and to ensure that the education the students receive at the School goes beyond the books, that it is acquired through memories and experiences spread across Europe.

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