Politeknika Txorierri’s commitment to Generation Z involvement in community development and sustainability

Politeknika Txorierri’s (Hetel member) commitment to Generation Z involvement in community development and sustainability

GENZ4GREENDEAL, one of Politeknika Txorierri’s newest projects is in the quest for youth-lead positive action aimed at the development and sustainability of communities through the support of civil society organisations, local communities and peers from other cultural backgrounds.

The project stemmed from the belief that young people need to beboth encouraged and empowered to participate in translating the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal agenda into local, regional and national policy.

The initial phase of the project, will consist of collecting good practices and initiatives of young people on project topics’.

The second and most comprehensive phase of the project will be the development of an online course that will consist of developing a detailed methodology that will be based on the handbook for the youth workers that again will use as educational materials for the GenZ4GD course.

The third phase of this project features extra effort in advocating green topics and environmentalism towards young people in a form of podcasts made by experts and young people in co-creation to reach topics to a large number of young people so that they obtain the information, skills and knowledge to develop their local community actions that contribute to the goals of sustainable development and the development of their communities itself.

The last phase will be collecting and gathering all the good and bad practices and experiences from the first three phases and bring them together in a publication that will further train youth workers and people working in youth organisations.



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