PoVE Water Scale-up partners meet in Estonia

It was an exciting and educational experience as the PoVE Water Scale-up consortium recently paid a visit to Estonian’s Centre of Vocational Excellence Water Baltics from December 13-15, 2023. People from 23 organisations from 8 different countries got together in Estonia to get to know how Universities, Vocational Institutions, Regional Authorities and Water Industry Companies & Institutions work together to make sure the Water Industry has the skilled workers that this sector so desperately needs.

Water sector professions are on the move and so should Vocational Education for this sector be. And that is exactly where we are making major steps in Platform of Vocational Excellence Water. Putting al partners in their strength and applying and employing their knowledge and expertise when developing new curricula, we now arrived at the point to make the transition to Virtual Learning materials.

The three-day meeting was hosted by the TTK University of Applied Sciences, the Järvamaa Kutsehariduskeskus, and Estonian Waterworks Association where the 3 days kicked off with insightful innovation pitches from various partners. Partners and students shared their experiences studying in Estonia and abroad.
During three days, participants grouped up to discuss presented needs, aiming to identify common grounds and explore regional opportunities.
Currently, we’re actively collaborating on activities such as internationalization strategies and the digitalization of materials.

Overall, the two days were an excellent opportunity for PoVE Water Scale -up partners to strengthen their connections across the international consortium and served as a key milestone one year into the project to take stock of the progress and to plan the next three years of the project.

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