PoVE Water Scale-up project kick-off meeting held at MCAST in Malta

PoVE Water Scale-up project kick-off meeting held at MCAST in Malta

The Malta College for Arts, Science, and Technology (MCAST) hosted the Platform of Vocational Excellence (POVE) Water Scale Up project on campus from the 14 to 16 September 2022.

A total of 23 partners from different countries participated in the kick-off meeting, including representatives from academia, water utilities corporations, vocational education and training, industry, together with EfVET as the European umbrella organisation.

The kick-off meeting served as a springboard which acted as a perfect networking opportunity for all representatives – old and new ones to the partnership – as well as a chance to discuss and create a working plan focused on reaching the goals of this ‘Water Scale Up’ project.

The main aim of the project is to integrate vocational excellence in the water sector thus, ensuring high-quality skills and competencies that lead to quality jobs and careers, meeting the needs of an innovative, inclusive, and sustainable economy.  It is therefore the scope of participating partners to educate VET students in becoming agile, digitally skilled, and consciously oriented water sector professionals.

This innovative project is a follow up of another pilot project and as a VET umbrella organisation, EfVET will be providing valuable input at European level with regards of all the communication activities and the dissemination task which lead together with coordinators CIV Water and Friesland College from the Netherlands.

We are ready to start!



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