Refitting Machine – Exploiting modernization techniques and new technologies

Refitting Machine – Exploiting modernization techniques and new technologies

Eurosuccess Consulting participates in the European-funded project “Refitting Machine – Arduino expert for the recovery of obsolete machines”, which is financed by the Erasmus+ program. The project has started in December 2019 and will last until November 2021.

About the project.

In line with the most advanced processes in the world of makers, Arduino, 3D printers, digital manufacturing, and 4.0 industry, the Refitting Machine project aims to provide high-quality digital skills, and encourage entry or return to the world of work. 

As the labour market is constantly evolving, the required skills and qualifications change over time. To face such change, the Refitting Machine project has identified a specific field of intervention to equip target groups with different skills: the recovery of obsolete machinery through Arduino. 

In specific, the project aims to: 

  1. Promote a high level of employment through the creation of a competent, qualified and adaptable work force.
  2. Promote the acquisition of skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) field. 
  3. Facilitate the acquisition of skills by promoting multiple learning approaches and contexts.
  4. Provide support to all learners, including those in disadvantaged conditions or with specific needs.

The project is addressed to: 

  • People who have lost their jobs and need to update their skills. 
  • Students and recent graduates in scientific and technological field. 
  • Long-term unemployed.
  • Trainers and Researchers.
  • VET organisations, local authorities, employment centers, policy makers.

Main Outcomes 

  1. Experts Program Toolkit: a comprehensive toolkit used to create a set of training materials, providing high quality knowledge and skills needed to modernise existing machineries, so as to make them “smart” and more adaptable to today’s requirements of the manufacturing industry.
  2. ICT Tool for Competence Assessment: an online tool to evaluate the knowledge and starting skills of the target group, identify their needs and provide useful skills so they can enter the world of work.
  3. Gamified E-learning Platform: a digital platform, open to everyone, providing all training material. 

The partnership 

Refitting Machine is a product of strategic partnership between organisations and enterprises from Italy (Petit Pas – Coordinator), Cyprus (Eurosuccess Consulting), Spain (Dramblys), Greece (Institute of Entrepreneurship Development), and Romania (Ludor Engineering, Informatics Liceum Grigore C. Moisil). 

Recent Activities 

During the last months, the partners have finalised the Experts Program Toolkit, containing all training materials, while they are also in the process of finalising the preliminary versions of the ICT Tool and Gamified Platform. All elaborated materials and outcomes will soon be available. 

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