RIVET project

Pioneering Responsible Internationalization in VET

In the ever-evolving landscape of vocational education and training (VET), the need for responsible internationalization strategies has become increasingly apparent. As professionals dedicated to shaping the future of VET, we are excited to share insights from the “RIVET – Responsibility in the Internationalization of VET” project, an initiative run by the EfVET members ATEC (Portugal), Aventus (Netherlands), BBS Syke (Germany), Kainuun ammattiopisto and Ammattiopisto Luovi (Finland), along with bit Schulungscenter (Austria) and Belgrade Business and Arts Academy of Applied Studies (Serbia).

This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to fostering responsible internationalization within VET institutions. At the heart of the RIVET project is the mission to propel VET organizations toward more responsible internationalization strategies. To achieve this, the project focused on developing criteria and indicators that serve as a compass for institutions seeking to embed sustainability in their internationalization initiatives. Peer Review Methodology: A Rigorous Evaluation Process The RIVET project employed the Peer Review methodology to rigorously test and validate the criteria and indicators across all partner organizations. This evaluation, conducted both online and onsite, ensured that the framework is practical, effective, and adaptable to the diverse contexts of VET institutions. As a tangible outcome of the project, a user-friendly self-evaluation tool for responsibility in the internationalization of VET institutions has been created. This tool, available online, empowers organizations to assess their current practices, identify areas for improvement, and chart a course toward more responsible internationalization. Complementing the self-evaluation tool, a comprehensive set of learning materials has been developed. These resources serve as a guide for VET institutions looking to implement the responsible internationalization approach pioneered by the RIVET project. The materials cover a range of topics, from best practices to case studies, offering valuable insights and practical strategies. Connect with RIVET: Explore, Learn, Collaborate For those eager to delve deeper into the RIVET project, a wealth of information awaits on the official project website. Additionally, stay connected through our social media channels on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to access the latest updates, success stories, and engage in meaningful discussions with fellow VET professionals. The RIVET project is not just a milestone; it’s a catalyst for positive change in the realm of VET internationalization. Let’s collectively embrace responsibility, sustainability, and innovation as we shape the future of vocational education and training.

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