SAAM – 1st mobility between European and African in Cape Verde

SAAM – 1st mobility between European and African partners takes place in Cape Verde

The SAAM project began the first official mobilities between European and African partners and took place last July between 11 and 25, with the participation of Cape Verde, Portugal and Spain. After weeks of remote work, the field meeting was finally held to coordinate activities in the future.

The team of partners present in this 1st mobility is composed with ANESPO – National Association of VET Schools from Portugal; INSIGNARE – with Hospitality School of Fatima – Portugal; the Spanish partner by Escola Pia Mataró, from Barcelona, Spain, and the host country Cape Verde with Hospitality and Tourism School.

SAAM is a pilot project directly founded by European Commission, approved as a test for the development of a future mobility program in the field of VET between Africa and Europe.

Asociación Mundus is the coordinating organisation of this innovative project, designed and implemented by entity for cooperation between continents with the aim of improving and professionalizing VET Studies and enabling the exchange of good practices in this field.

During the several days of work, the team faced the preparation of detailed reports on the African vocational education and training system and job shadowing for inclusion in the final result of the project.

The SAAM – Cape Verde project gave rise to dozens of framework meetings with several departments of the Cape Verde School, from the pedagogical sector to all technical areas and respective teams.

There was time to deepen school management, but also in terms of infrastructure and equipment, their conservation and maintenance, work plans for equipment and facilities. The curricular plans were reviewed, but also areas such as Quality and respective procedures, the Administrative and Financial area and Training sessions.

The School also has an Hotel School and Student Residence, an important part of life in school, were students go through all these support areas, with specific training in accommodation. In addition to specific classrooms there is also the entire component of apartments and hotel rooms. The residence allows the accommodation of 150 students and also a part of this hotel is open to the public.

The backstage of a hotel school is a great circuit of professionals with methods and processes.

The classes took place while the team was in the field, a good observation experience and allowed to plan a joint activity to strengthening the identity of each country and exchanging cultures, involving the various sectors at the school.

The students set out to prepare the typical Cape Verde dish – Catxupa, which was recorded on video and will begin a repository of digital information between Cape Verde – Portugal and Spain to this cultural Exchange.

The group had also time to visit some parts of the country and a lot of other schools and local organisations that deal with young boys and girls in Vocational Education.

The next mobility of this group will bring teams of trainers and teachers from Cape Verde to Portugal and Spain and will be held next October/November.

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