Schools 4.0 – Innovation in Vocational Education

The second transnational meeting of the ‘Schools 4.0 – Innovation in Vocational Education’ Erasmus+ Project was held on the 21st and 22nd of May in Vila Verde, Portugal. The meeting was hosted by project partner Escola Profissional Amar Terra Verde – EPATV. The project Schools 4.0 aims at changing the national and European policies in Education and in all VET schools throughout Europe with a proven pedagogical tool. On the other hand, it intends to build a framework for rethinking pedagogical practices and identifying the changes to be made to move from a 19th-century school to a 21st-century school.

The partners had the opportunity to visit EPATV installations and to discuss with the students and teachers participating in different courses available at the school, such as Metal Mechanics, Electricity and Tourism. They all highlighted the possibility of developing professional practice as a very positive factor. The school also has a department focused on Adult Education.

If you can’t beat them, join them

The expected outcomes of the project – a book, an E-Book and a collection of best practices- have been introduced by Professor Luisa Orvalho (Universidade Católica Portuguesa) and aim at creating a tool for making VET fit for the future.  On the afternoon of 21st of May took place the seminar ‘Schools 4.0 – Today’s School preparing for the Challenges of Tomorrow’’ where the partners shared their perspectives and reflected on the new approaches to classroom work and training. Teachers from EPATV introduced the digital tools they use in the classroom. In this respect, the use of educative apps in a balanced way means more resources to approach learning.

EPRM, Escola Profissional de Rio Maior presented examples of good practices in practical training based on students’ testimonials. It is necessary to build a new way of teaching specific kinds of students. Allowing people to choose the most adequate tools leads to more successful teaching.  EfVET members INSIGNARE, centred their presentation on digital tools for formative assessment and self-regulation of students. 21st-century students are different so different skills are required. We need critical and creative thinking, better communication and collaboration in order to adapt and better prepare students for future jobs.

The meeting ended with a guided tour of Porto with an itinerary built by the students of the courses of Tourism and Management of Events of the Professional School Raul Doria. The next meeting will take place in November in Denmark.

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