Securing the Future: The AWARE Project’s Role in Cybersecurity Education for VET

Bridging the Digital Skills Gap in Vocational Training

In an era where digital threats are constantly evolving, the AWARE project emerges as a crucial initiative in the realm of Vocational Education and Training (VET). This European endeavour aims to fortify cybersecurity awareness and skills among VET educators and learners. With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated, the importance of embedding robust digital security practices within vocational education cannot be overstated.

The AWARE project introduces comprehensive resources tailored for the VET community. These include a detailed knowledge base, masterclass courses designed to enhance cybersecurity understanding, and the innovative self-assessment tool which includes the Cyber Guardian game. This multifaceted approach ensures that VET providers are not only aware of digital risks but are also equipped with the tools and knowledge to mitigate them. The AWARE project’s approach is deeply integrated and holistic, addressing not only the technical aspects of cybersecurity but also the human factor, which is often the weakest link in security chains. It fosters a culture of security awareness, where VET learners and teachers become proactive in identifying and responding to cyber threats. The project’s resources are designed to be accessible and relevant, ensuring they resonate with the diverse backgrounds of VET participants. A key component of AWARE is its adaptability to different learning environments and requirements. Whether it’s for hands-on training in workshops or theoretical learning in classrooms, the project’s materials are versatile. This flexibility is vital in addressing the varied needs of VET providers across Europe. Additionally, the project acknowledges the rapidly changing nature of cybersecurity, ensuring that its resources remain up-to-date and pertinent. The project consortium involves several EfVET partners besides the project coordinator, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, and other partners representing either VET sector or cybersecurity expert community, covering eight EU countries – Portugal, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Greece, Italy, Germany, Cyprus and Slovenia. The project’s adaptability to different educational and cultural contexts across Europe highlights its inclusive approach. This ensures that a diverse range of learners and educators can benefit from its resources, regardless of their starting point. Marking a significant milestone in its journey, the project hosted the CYBER Day & Night event on October 13, 2023, aligning with the European Cybersecurity Month and Erasmus days 2024, and further solidifying its commitment to digital safety and awareness. The CYBER Day & Night event, a highlight of the project’s calendar, brought together approximately 150 participants, including students, educators, and cybersecurity experts. The event echoed the project’s ethos by emphasizing the need to introduce cybersecurity concepts early in educational curricula. Such initiatives are crucial in building a foundation of digital awareness from a young age. During this event, the CYBER Night segment, especially noteworthy for its Capture the Flag competition, drew enthusiasts from various skill levels. The inclusion of a lecture specifically designed for beginners was a testament to the project’s inclusive approach. This not only catered to seasoned professionals but also sparked interest among newcomers to the field. The significant turnout and the enthusiasm displayed by young participants at the CYBER Day & Night event are indicative of a growing interest in cybersecurity. This aligns with the AWARE project’s goal to address the sector’s personnel shortage and to inspire future generations to pursue careers in this vital field, indirectly contributing also to the permeability of the VET sector. The project’s success in bringing together diverse stakeholders, including the national managing authority the information security in Slovenia (URSIV), underlines the collective responsibility in safeguarding our digital future. The AWARE project and events like CYBER Day & Night are crucial in shaping a more secure digital landscape. By integrating cybersecurity into vocational education, it prepares both learners and teachers not only for the jobs of today but also for the unforeseen challenges of tomorrow. As digital landscapes evolve, initiatives like AWARE ensure that the workforce remains resilient, informed, and prepared, safeguarding both individual and organisational digital well-being. For more comprehensive insights, visit project website

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