SHOW VET Mentors training in Barcelona

The Smooth Hybrid and Online Working for VET-project is to increase teachers’ competence on implementation of blended and distance teaching.  EfVET staff was attended the first mentor training seminar in Barcelona from 24 to 26 January 2023.

During the mentor seminar we share our knowledge, skills with teachers, mapped the best practices, implementing a new mentor in our workplace. Overall, those days we noticed that teachers’ competences on digital teaching was increase and, motivation on learning and teaching increased. Increased online learning and hybrid learning.

Learning Outcomes for mentor Training the module aims at empowering teachers and learners in the digital era of education. In this seminar the participants/teachers were trained how to generate and use multimedia video presentations through a wide variety of digital platforms.

This mentor training has an overview of the mentor’s rules and responsibilities, and a clear understanding of how contribute to their school culture through mentoring. During those days we start developing our mentoring toolkit with documents they can use in their own school. We improved our skills for active leading professional discussions, gave formative feedback and helped their mentees to set up their own professional goals.

Each participant was committed into activities in the area of leadership and soft skills, which are highly needed for professional and personal development of the VET teachers and trainers.

The seminar was successful, and participants were glad about the first input.

Check our results materials here:

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