SHOW-VET TPM3 (Brussels, Belgium)

SHOW-VET TPM3 (Brussels, Belgium)

In the scope of the SHOW-VET project, EfVET hosted a TPM3 in Brussels (Belgium) from 18 to 19 April. The project meeting has successfully gathered 13 participants from 5 different countries. Topics discussed included Steps 4,5 and 7 of the project.

On the first day, partners discussed and introduced STEP 7 and STEP 4:

  1. Mentoring process – local mentoring plans
  2. Local teacher training material related to local mentoring plans
  3. The pilot – teachers training and making e-learning material (pilot implementation)

On the second day, partners concluded the project meeting by discussing and introducing:

  1. Step 5: The Model for VET providers
  2. Dissemination and Communication State of Play
  3. TPM: Next steps of the project

The final session was wrapped up with a Cultural Program which included visiting the European Parliament and the European Commission, as well as the city centre.

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