Student Work in Real Life? Yes!

The SWIRL (Student Work in Real Life) 5th transnational meeting took place in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) on 3rd and 4th of September 2019.

The SWIRL Erasmus+ project focuses on promoting cooperation between companies and vocational schools and enabling students to enter the life of work.

The partnership is working right now in the development of a MOOC platform, pedagogical training materials and finishing a company handbook. All these materials will provide valuable information to improve the procedure of the working placement of students.

The G4C partner has coordinated the “Pedagogical guide”, which will include the following sections:

  • How to empower students to take initiative
  • How to organize the student-initiated Business Education Alliance
  • How to evaluate the student-initiated Business Education Alliance
  • Practical tips, case studies and to-do lists

The SWIRL materials are targeting Schools/Teachers, Students and Companies.

The D’Lab: the best way to create the future is to create!

The SWIRL partner, BDF (Business Development Friesland), invited partners to visit the D’Lab: an innovative HUB in The Netherlands. The D’Lab was established to bridge business and education collaborations in the region. For instance, students can work on real innovative customer assignments like 3D, art, laser and recycle plastic. And Companies can have access to the latest techniques and methodologies in this Hub space. The D’Lab is an excellent example of what SWIRL project is looking forward: synergies between companies and individuals to develop their skills together.

The D’Lab is part of the Friesland College but also works closely with the Frisian Design Factory.

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