The 20th Anniversary of EU Regions Week is being celebrated this week!

The 20th Anniversary of EU Regions Week is being celebrated this week!

The 20th Anniversary of #euregionsweek is being celebrated this week, and the opening session of this initiative was held today, at the European Parliament, in Brussels.

Vasco Alves Cordeiro (President of the European Committee of Regions), Elisa Ferreira (Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms at the European Commission) and Roberta Metsola (President of the European Parliament) welcomed all speakers and participants of EU Regions Week 2022. Together with other speakers, they provided their perspective on the importance of cohesion policies, their implementation at regional and national levels, as well as the importance of solidarity and having authorities collaborating across Europe to tackle current challenges such as the global pandemic, the energy crisis, refugees crisis, the twin transition or the invasion of Ukraine.

Best practices on the successful implementation of cohesion funds on Poland, Italy, Latvia, Hungary and other countries were provided by representatives from local authorities and municipalities, who shared a common understanding: cohesion policies and funds forge ties between different regions, and have a massive impact on the population (more information available on the 8th Cohesion Report: Cohesion in Europe towards 2050 (here)).

 Cohesion and solidarity are European project’s core and they should be considered at regional and national levels for the growth of the EU! Before the conclusion of the session, Vasco Alves Cordeiro informed the audience that a new Cohesion Alliance will be launched this Wednesday, October 12th. It will address the importance of raising awareness of regional authorities, mobilising them in favour of cohesion.

The EU Regions Week workshops will continue! @EfVET workshop, “Raising empowerment and inclusion among young people at regional and local level”, will take place on October 12th, at 09:30 CET. On the previous day (October 11th), EfVET and @EARLALL joint session entitled “Increasing the involvement of women in the VET sector.



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