The Board of EfVET met for the first time this year in Lisbon, Portugal!

Hosted by ANESPO National Association of Vocational Schools, represented by Luís Costa, and Commerce School of Lisbon (part of Ensinus Group), represented by Catarina Esménio, the meeting was held between January 18th and 19th, 2024.

With a full agenda, all Board of EfVET Members delved into the Strategic Plan 2022 – 2026 to understand the need for updating it based on the current needs and challenges faced by EfVET Members and by VET Systems across Europe, and on the Governance of EfVET, more specifically its structure and the connections between the different areas of EfVET. This is an ongoing process that will require more meetings and discussions until reaching a final result, expected by October.

The Board meeting agenda included other topics, such as:

– The main activities carried out last year by EfVET Members, and those expected for 2024 (reported by National Board representatives);

– The organisation of EfVET Annual Conference (this year in Amersfoort, NL – October 23rd to 26th), and of a join event titled “The eVEnT: The European Agenda for the Future of VET – A Training Providers’ Statement”, by EfVET, EVBB and EVTA (Brussels, May 22nd to 24th);

New strategies for Projects and Outreach, for Membership and for Policy;

EfVET Workplan 2024, which will become public soon and will involve all EfVET Members.

In this meeting, the Board of EfVET also approved the new Honorary Members, which will be known during EfVET Annual Conference 2024.

A new year full of exciting initiatives, activities and possibilities for all EfVET Members and for Technical and Vocational Education and Training!

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