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The end of an era: REGIO.DIGI.HUB project

Regional Development Digital Education HUB


The main idea of this project is to enable and empower regional developers and/or future individuals of the area into becoming experts in the areas of 1) smart specialisation strategies, 2) green and digital transformation and 3) innovation entrepreneurship. In other words, to develop the capacity for innovation, finding the best combination of bottom-up and leadership approaches involving teachers and students in a local, regional and European innovation and development strategy.

In each of the partner countries we have conducted a first round of Multiplier Events to inform about the project findings and piloting/workshop sessions to ensure the quality of our online course. We celebrated a Long Training Activity in Thessaloniki (Greece) to learn about the Platform so we could easily present it to our target group.

Moreover, a second round of Multiplier Events will also be conducted in order to present the REGIO.DIGI.HUB Academy platform to a greater public. Our aim is to share with as many people as possible the knowledge we have gathered throughout the duration of this project and make sure that anyone has the opportunity to achieve an international perspective in the ambit of regional development.

For this purpose, we invite you to try our E-Learning platform! As the end of the project is around the corner, we would like it if you were to endeavour with us in the last steps of our project and thank you for accompanying us in this adventure.

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