The KoM of VET IN 3D: Social Inclusion, Entrepreneurship & TEL

The kick-off meeting of VET IN 3D: Social Inclusion, Entrepreneurship and Technology Enabled Learning

VET IN 3D: Social Inclusion, Entrepreneurship and Technology Enabled Learning kick-off meeting was held online on the 16th of December 2020 and brought together 8 partners among VET Colleges and Mobility Institutions in addition to EfVET, as follows: 

  • Kauno Technikos Profesinio Mokymo Centras (Lithania) 
  • UNISER Soc. Coop. Onlus (Italy) 
  • ENSINUS – Estudos Técnicos e Profissionais – INETE (Portugal) 
  • MDOE – Magyar Digitális Oktatásért Egyesület (Hungary) 
  • p-Consulting (Greece) 
  • Cometa Formazione (Italy) 
  • Centro San Viator (Spain) 
  • SEPR – Société d’Enseignement Professionnel du Rhone (France) 

The KA2 VET in 3D project is coordinated by Kauno Technikos Profesinio Mokymo Centras and is focused on the exchange of practices on three dimensions of VET considered as primary drivers of excellence: Entrepreneurship EducationSocial InclusionTechnology Enabled Learning (TEL). The general objective of the project is to innovate VET provision in Europe through an intense capacity building action addressed to VET teachers. The specific objectives are: 

  • To create more opportunities for VET organisations to exchange practices and discuss about innovation on a regular basis; 
  • To improve the competences of the VET staff on innovative teaching methodologies; 
  • To raise awareness on the three dimensions of VET excellence. 

The results expected from the project are the following: 

  • Identifying, testing and mainstreaming of a template of transnational conference where VET schools around Europe can meet to exchange practices and work on innovation in VET every year; 
  • Improving competences in VET practitioners on different topics such as Entrepreneurship Education; Social Inclusion; Technology Enabled Learning (TEL). 
  • Finally, new follow-up initiatives are expected to start off as a result of the exchange. 

The kick-off meeting was held online and was initiated by a presentation of the partners’ organisations; the vision behind the project and expected goals were introduced, together with the presentation of the project activities and an explanation of the roles of the partners in each one of them. A part related to administrative procedures, Dissemination & Communication and Quality Plan presentations by EfVET and Uniser followed. 

As in the other similar project INNOVET, in VET IN 3D we saw a great enthusiasm in starting working in its implementation and we are glad that there is visible commitment from all our Members and the other partners.

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