The project "NEW TIMES" for the Inclusion of Migrants takes off!

The project “NEW TIMES” – NEW European citizens! Tools for the Inclusion of Migrants in European Society – takes off!

The Erasmus+ KA2 Project “NEW European citizens! Tools for the Inclusion of Migrants in European Society”, aims to create a transnational network to promote the development and exchange of innovative practices aimed at supporting a more active participation of migrants and refugees from third countries in European society in terms of informed citizenship.

Without an effective inclusion policy, all the energies spent in the first aid and reception system would have been spent in vain and the foundations would be laid for serious problems in the future for peaceful coexistence between individuals and groups. Citizenship education for migrants and refugees who will one day be European citizens is, therefore, a necessary and urgent response, which must be added to the other educational pathways already present today in the various European countries. For these reasons, our project sets itself, as a priority, the need of exchanging and developing transnational and European good practices aimed at innovating and strengthening the adult education for migrants and refugees, as well as coordinated and integrated actions of local and European operators and institutions for the social and political inclusion of them inside the European society.

Project Coordinator:


Project Partners:

  • Consorzio Scuola Comunità Impresa, Italy
  • PROMETEO, Italy
  • TIRANTES, The Netherlands
  • Asociación El Olivar, Spain

The main activities of the project are focusing on IDENTIFYING guidelines that allow the various operators who support migrants and refugees to guide them towards the acquisition of complex social and civic skills; IMAGINING paths specifically intended for Education of EU citizenship of migrants and refugees; LAYING the foundations for the future realization of European civic education courses aimed at migrants and refugees.

The main results of the project are:

  • active involvement at local level and through the coordination of partner organisations, citizenship education experts and the various subjects involved in the training of migrants and refugees from third countries
  • the development of new approaches, methods, tools dedicated to European citizenship education for effective social and political inclusion of migrants and refugees from third countries within European society (NEW TIMES educational model)
  • NEW TIMES curriculum: in this sense the project aims to produce a positive and lasting impact on all those involved at local and transnational level by showing the effectiveness of coordinated and integrated interventions for the inclusion of refugees and migrants in a European and supranational dimension.

Potential longer term benefits the project can produce long-term benefits by contributing to:

  • perceive the importance of adequate training for European citizenship specifically addressed to migrants and refugees for their full social and political inclusion
  • increase awareness of the positive potential represented by migrants and refugees for the development of European society
  • improve mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue between migrants and refugees and host societies, with consequent positive effects on social cohesion

Participating in this project in COVID-19 era is sometimes challenging because all the partner meetings have to be held online. Nevertheless, partners are motivated, excited and working hard to do the best possible job regarding the project tasks and hoping for the better times to be able to travel and meet each other in person!

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