VET Internationalisation in Brussels

Thanks to the TALENTIUM grant, 17 young people from Jaen (Spain) could acquired international professional experience during five months in Brussels (Belgium).

INCOMA/ Intermobility (Spain)

TALENTIUM is a regional programme launched by the Spanish region Jaen. The programme is focused on international mobility for young professionals who are looking for a working experience abroad. The grant aims to improve the European affaires knowledge of the young professionals. Therefore, the work placements take place in Brussels.

Intermobility has shared with EfVET community the experience of Patricia one of the young professionals who got the grat to work in Brussels.

“When I was informed about TALENTIUM grant, I considered this as a golden opportunity. Even more when I heard from the positive experiences from previous edition. Definitely, this strongly motivated me to undertake this challenge: to live abroad, an experience that I had had the chance to enjoy it before.

Generally speaking, my experience has been really positive. I believe that this work placement would broader my professional’s options. Moreover, I would recommend TALENTIUM grant because is not only important what it can give you as an extra value to your professional profile, but in my case, it was even more than that. This opportunity has given me the chance to enlarge my network among communication professionals” Patricia.

Originally published at Intermobility website (ES). 

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