VET skills gaps and future needs in the Shipbuilding

EfVET Member TKNIKA allies with SeaEurope, IndustriAll and Turku UAS to improve VET skills in the Ship Building and Ship Repair Sector. All partners are collaborating in the Sectoral Skills project “Upskilling Shipbuilding Workforce in Europe” (USWE). TKNIKA hosted the project kick-off meeting in San Sebastian.

TKNIKA (Spain)

The Upskilling Shipbuilding Workforce in Europe (USWE) project aims at detecting the VET skills gaps and future needs in the Shipbuilding  and Ship Repair Industry, including in the scope the several sub-sectors: manufacturing, repair, maintenance and conversion of vessels, including also the equipment on board and other maritime structures such as the offshore platforms.

The project begins analysing existing data previously collected by diverse agents and actor of the sector. Partners will review the economic, environmental and social trends in demography or migrations, which are themes of special concern for the sector. But, the biggest attention will be on detecting the challenges originated by Industry 4.0, the increasing digitalisation of the manufacturing processes and the new KETs regarding their potential impact on growth and employment in the sector. Based on the acquired knowledge and analysis, the partnership will elaborate an updated list of  VET skills and occupations. Technical, transversal, digital and green skills will be the focus of this project.

According to guidelines by Cedefop on Detecting Skills at Sectoral Level, these profiles and skills will be validated, at different stages, by sectoral experts, focus groups and professionals. Once there is consensus on the most relevant list of occupations and skills, they will be sent to ESCO and fed into the Skills Panorama, if allowed to do it.

Lessons learned along the project will enable us to elaborate some recommendations for stakeholders and policymakers.

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