Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Pärnumaa Kutsehariduskeskus, the leading vocational education centre in Pärnu, Estonia, is open to collaborations in various fields, including wind energy. We have a great reputation for providing excellent learning environments to our 1100 students and employing 130 staff members. We offer over 30 different programs in accounting, healthcare, culinary arts, construction, IT, and even renewable energy, including wind energy. We want our students to become skilled professionals who can compete in both local and international job markets.

Recently, the Estonian Wind and Power Association visited schools in Estonia to find institutions capable and interested in teaching courses on wind energy. Despite being relatively new to this field, we are pleased to announce that we were chosen to train mechanics for onshore wind turbines. We successfully graduated sixteen students from an introductory course in wind turbine mechanics, where they learnt critical mechanical and electrical skills for maintaining wind turbines. We have had a lot of interest in the course, with over sixty candidates applying. We selected sixteen students for a three-month program held on Fridays and Saturdays to accommodate working individuals. They completed the course, which included on-site training from January to March 2023. Beyond wind energy, we are eager to collaborate with partners, schools, associations, companies, and enthusiasts. We want to establish beneficial partnerships, exchange knowledge, and work on exciting projects. We also want to visit other schools and companies to learn from their experiences and share our expertise. At Pärnumaa Kutsehariduskeskus, we believe in providing high-quality education beyond a single field of study.

We want to help our students become well-rounded professionals in different industries. Join us in our journey of growth, innovation, and knowledge-sharing!

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