"Work linked training" conference at IIS Brunelleschi da Vinci

Work linked training: a challenge for the Italian educational system”.An important conference on vet education at IIS Brunelleschi da Vinci

IIS Brunelleschi da Vinci (Italy)

Work-experience schemes in Italian secondary high schools is something relatively new and recent. In order to carefully face and discuss such an important and demanding topic, on 29th January, IIS Brunelleschi /Da Vinci in Frosinone has organized a meeting named “Work linked training: a challenge for the Italian educational system”.The meeting is linked to the topic suggested by the European Commission during the Vet week, “Discover your talent”, in November 2017, where it was underlined the importance of reviving the technical and vocational training that nowadays seems rather neglected if compared to academic education.  The motto, invented by the member of Parliament Mrs Marianne Thyssen, is emblematic : “Let’s make Vocational, Educational and Training the first choice for learners”.

Work -linked training today is not only mandatory in Italy, but it should be a strategic tool to modify the idea of education and training itself, making work the central and main educational issue for young generations. In order to do so, schools and companies must actively cooperate to create effective work experiences during the educational years.
The meeting aimed at discussing and considering the right importance work experiences should have as a fundamental moment for the development of young students and as an opportunity to understand the labour market and the positions they might be interested in.
The works of the meeting have been opened by the headmaster of IIS Brunelleschi/Da Vinci, Mrs Patrizia Carfagna, who had the pleasure to welcome the presence of a very important guest, Mr Luciano Fontana, the newspaper editor of one of the most relevant Italian national newspapers, “Corriere della Sera”. In order to underline the tight link existing between the world of labour , the territory and education, many important representatives , such as the Mayor of Frosinone, Mr N. Ottaviani, the Prefect, Mrs E. Zarrilli, the president of the local Chamber of Commerce, Mr M. Pigliacelli, the provincial president of young entrepreneurs,P. Savoriti and the Superintendent of the local Board of Education, Mr P. Malandrucco , took part to the meeting.

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