Work placements in Athens and Finland

ΙΕΚ ΣΒΙΕ (SBIE V.T.I) is Greek VET school specialised in healthcare. During the last months they have been involved in welcoming students from Finland and The Netherlands, but as well sending students to partners institutions in Finland.

SBIE Vocational Training Institute (Greece)

SBIE V.T.I welcomed new Finnish students from Savo Vocational College (Finland) this month. During that period and in cooperation with ΜΦΗ St George Metropolitan student are part of an exchange programme where they will improve their professional background thanks to work placements in the social and health sector.

In parallel with this, Dutch students from ROC Menso Alting College (The Netherlands), are undertaking one of practices at Metropolitan Hospital ( which will finish by mid-March. The Metropolitan Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Athens and offers a valuable work placement opportunity. The exchange programme was coordinate by the SBIE Vocational Training Institute.

Finally SBIE is not only a hosting organisation but also sending students abroad. In fact, the students of Nursing and Physiotherapy Dept. Aggelis Eleandros & Vasilis Karagiannis will carry out one month of practical training in Finland (Tampere) to Hatanpään Parkhospital in cooperation with Tredu College.

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