You Can Change Your World

The project You Can Change Your World – YCCYW, nº 2017-1-PT01-KA116-035506 was born in the framework of our European Club activities due to our need to strengthen our combat against early school leaving, school failure and demotivation, to improve language and technological skills of our trainees, trainers, teachers and technical staff.

EsproMinho – Escola Profissional do Minho (Portugal)

This project has already provided an exceptional experience to 8 participants that have carried out work placement in the fields of Beauty care and Hairdressing.  Despite Esprominho’s large experience with international mobility, this was the first experience with Belgium (Flanders). Four hosting institutions were involved: two hairdressing salons and two beauty salons. Our students were an integral part of the work teams, and were required to perform tasks with the same rigor and professionalism that would be required to a regular employee. Hairdressing trainees, for example, have performed different hairstyles, something that requires dexterity and carries a lot of responsibility. The two participants in the field of beauty care were placed individually in the salons, which surely brought benefits regarding their level of autonomy.

In July, Esprominho will send 4 students to do work placements in Spain (A Coruña) and 4 other students to Italy (Arezzo). They will be placed in companies belonging to different fields such as Information Technology, Events Organization, Shops Assistance, and fashion Design.

Esprominho will permanently monitor the internships according to its Quality Evaluation Plan with a variety of monitoring processes, including a Snap Shot Analysis and many assessment documents that cover various phases of the project.

Intermediate institutions will also provide suitable accommodation for our students and will organize a set of socio-cultural visits previously agreed.

Participants will come back endowed with more knowledge, skills and competences that they will bring to the school and to their lives.

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