Daniel Kehl

Daniel Kehl is principal of GBS St.Gallen (www.gbssg.ch), the biggest Vocational Education and Training (VET) school in eastern Switzerland, offering more than 50 occupations in VET in the fields of construction, technologies, services, design, bridging year programs and the federal vocational baccalaureate as well as more than 20 courses in higher VET in construction and design. He did his master of arts studies in paedagogic for upper secondary and Vocational education, the master of advanced studies in leadership and education management and represents the needs of future teaching and training as board member in the Swiss VET directors conference. Next to that he is directors of the Swiss national board of the European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EFVET) www.efvet.org and represents Switzerland in the EFVET board. His actual topics are co-creative leadership models in empowering organisation models, the development of open learning environments in school buildings for the needs of self-organised and modularised learning and the fusion of new ways of learning in the digital world, such as blended learning while establishing healthy and sustainable human centred learning under the focus of growing connectivity.

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